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McCurdy SS 3101 16″ Transcription Turntables

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I remember picking up this turntable, trying to carry it up a flight of stairs by myself. It won, and I fell backward, ending up on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with it lying on top of me.

Lovely turntable though, with two Gray viscous damped tonearms. I refilled the wells in both with polydimethylsiloxane 600,000 cst damping fluid. It’s a mono machine, but very high quality. I went through the electronics (all tube) and got it working.


I was able to find a second one for backup.

McCurdy Turntables 2


  1. Warren Parker Warren Parker

    I was excited when I read the name of the fluid you used to fill
    the wells on your Gray tonearms
    For years I have searched and found that the original viscous dampening
    fluid was only available in large quantities .
    It was supplied by Micro Trac in small tubes for use in the 303 style
    tone arm but they too are no longer in business
    I’m interested if you sourced the original fluid and where you obtained it
    I sold some of my Gray 108 arms as they had drained of fluid and I had no
    replacement supply
    Your reproducers appear to be the design supplied to the CBC
    Most radio stations got the MC-16 transcription turntables as part
    of the SS-4000 package which of course used AU 300 “s as pre-amplifiers
    I was pleased to come across your treasures


  2. Steve Steve

    Hi Warren, The stuff I got is Silicone Damping Fluid for monopivot damping wells, from turntable

    I didn’t know that the transcription turntables were packaged with the SS-4000. Very Interesting!

  3. Li Li

    Hi I like the turntable. Can sell it to me? Thank you.

    • Steve Steve

      I’m sorry Li, I think I’ll hang on to it!

  4. Karl Karl

    I’m so glad you have this and found a twin for it! Everyone knows when you find something rare and really cool, especially an electronic item, you can’t just have one, you need at least 2.

    • Steve Steve

      Thanks Karl! I sold the pair of these recently. Super rare and cool indeed!

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