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Northern Electric R5430 Console

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When I first got a hold of this console it was in pretty rough shape. A lot of pulled wires, and disconnected parts. It had quite a bit of damage internally from mice who had nested in the chassis. Many of the wires had been chewed and lost insulation. Cosmetically it was quite a sight, with nicks, chips, and pen markings.

Northern Electric

I ended up completely disassembling it, which among other things, allowed me to send the chassis and front panel out to be powder coated. The finished version has individual direct outs on each channel, so that it can be used as a front end for tracking.

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  1. Bruce Devine Bruce Devine

    Great old console CJBQ Belleville had 2 of these, a 5420 & TPC portable production center, great sounding pre amps with loads of headroom

    • wally occomore wally occomore

      Hey Bruce remember me? I heard you were in Montreal – possibly CJAD?
      Email if you see this.

  2. John John

    any chance you’d sell it ?

    • Steve Steve

      Hey John, I think I’ll hold on to it for now.

  3. John John

    do you still have the mixer ?

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